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WP7 Icons: Up to 105

Please View the updated <a href="/project_windows_phone_icons/">Project Windows Phone Icons</a> Might have went a little overboard today, but there are 105 icons now. It is nice making generic ones, but suggest more on twitter by mentioning me. Six of the icons included are from suggestions on twitter. !<a href="/files/wp_icons_up_to_105.png">105</a> [Preview](javascript:dd.project.blog.icons()) <a href="http://modernuiicons.com">Download</a> Checkout the <a href="/2011/08/06/tutorial_creating_an_icon/">tutorial</a> posted the other day to create your own icons. *Note:* .design files are opened with Expression Design, which is part of the Expression Suite of tools. *Donations:* As always feel free to buy me a beer with the donate button in the footer.