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Progress: Upscaling Every Icon

Windows Phone moved to their new higher density displays with 8.0, so progress had to be made on the <a href="http://modernuiicons.com/">icons</a> to match the new spec. Over the last few months I've tweeted small snippet of what it takes to make this happen, but below is a synopsis of what has progressed so far. !<a href="/files/icons_redo.png">Upscaling</a> All the icons were designed in vector, so the first step was to re-scale them all. For that a `430` line macro was used, and `7` hours later it had created the `SVG`, `PNG` light/dark, and `XAML` files. Surprisingly only 70 or so failed. These failed ones required small tweaks and each was re-exported by hand. Now almost every icon has a fuzziness to it that can only be corrected by fixing icon by icon, not bad if there were not over `800` icons (and many more that need to be added). While time consuming it gives me time to redo some of the ugly ones that were rushed in. !<a href="/files/icon_redo_pixels.png">Fuzzy</a> The upscaling has really hindered the quantity, but is slowly increasing the quality where the pack has lacked. The benefit of the size change does mean <a href="http://modernuiicons.com/">Modern UI Icons</a> is the largest Windows Phone 8 tailored pack (free or commercial). Since I am competing against commercial packs the site has upgraded to follow suit with SVG for all previews, integrated search, and quick copy and paste for XAML. Thanks again to all of those in the community for getting the word out there and suggesting the pack and to all the bloggers that have graciously linked to the site.