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Material Design Icons Progress

Yesterday the <a href="http://materialdesignicons.com">MaterialDesignIcons.com</a> site reached a <a href="https://github.com/Templarian/MaterialDesign/issues?q=milestone%3A%22100+Community+Icons%22">milestone</a> of 100 community created icons. Special thanks to <a href="https://twitter.com/r3volution11">Doug</a> for closing icon requests and finding several bugs while alpha testing. !<a href="/files/mdi_100milestone.png">Milestone</a> Along with the 100 community icons <a href="http://materialdesignicons.com/contributor/Google">364</a> of the 757 stock <a href="https://github.com/google/material-design-icons">Material Design icons</a> from Google have been imported and tagged. The site also gained a much requested feature, the ability to search. !<a href="/files/mdi_search.png">Search</a> A lot of time was spent last week building out a download package system. The first two packages created with this system are for Android 4.x and the new Android Lollipop. Test this by clicking on any of the icons on the site and clicking the download package button. !<a href="/files/mdi_packageicon.png">Android Packages</a> An addition earlier this week that was highly requested and well <a href="https://twitter.com/templarian/status/530394117079973888">received on twitter</a> was the addition of a XAML viewer. Right now only accessible through the right click menu. !<a href="/files/mdi_viewxaml.png">View XAML</a> One of the smaller changes can be found in the footer for contact details. Please keep icon requests to the GitHub <a href="https://github.com/Templarian/MaterialDesign/issues">issue</a> page along with general site features and bugs. !<a href="/files/mdi_newfooter.png">New Footer</a> A lot of the restful APIs were cleaned up this weekend along with new endpoints for contributors to better manage their icons. Reminder I am still looking for designers that want to help <a href="/2014/10/03/material_design_icons_alpha_contributors/">alpha test</a> and contribute to the icon pack. This is shaping up to be another cold winter here in Chicago, so keep the icon requests and site features coming.

Amsterdam / Paris

I'll be in Amsterdam and Paris for the next week. First vacation in a while, so I will be a little slow on replying to tweets and messages. Brought along a Lumia 1020 to take some nice photos. !<a href="/files/vacation_notre_dame.png">Notre Dame</a> It will be nice when I get back so I can continue working on the <a href="http://materialdesignicons.com">Material Design Icon</a> site. The feature requests and icons are already backing up. !<a href="/files/vacation_eiffel_tower.png">Vertigo</a> The weather has been perfect especially since this is the off time for tourists so everything is relatively relaxing. Lines have been relatively short even at the Louvre. !<a href="/files/vacation_louvre.png">Louvre</a> Paris is full of beautifully detailed monuments. Little shops cover pretty much every corner of the streets. It is very interesting. !<a href="/files/vacation_point.png">Point</a>

Material Design Icon Templates

There is a new folder on GitHub for <a href="https://github.com/Templarian/MaterialDesign/tree/master/templates/icon">templates</a>. These contain all the basic shapes as a starting point. !<a href="/files/mdi_template_october.png">Templates</a> <a href="https://github.com/Templarian/MaterialDesign/raw/master/templates/icon/template.ai">Illustrator CC Template</a> <a href="https://github.com/Templarian/MaterialDesign/raw/master/templates/icon/template.ai">Expression Design Template</a> <a href="https://github.com/Templarian/MaterialDesign/raw/master/templates/icon/template.ai">SVG Template</a> To learn more about the Off layers shown above read the <a href="/2014/09/28/material_design_off_icon/">off state tutorial</a>. Making some good progress on the <a href="http://materialdesignicons.com">Material Design Icon</a> site this weekend. Should have <a href="/2014/10/03/material_design_icons_alpha_contributors/">alpha</a> accounts sent out by the end of the week.