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Microsoft Build Approaches

Just 9 days until Microsoft Build 2015. There are many open questions on the minds of developers and designers this year. Over the three day conference most of these will be answered (hopefully). For those not attending here is a twitter <a href="https://twitter.com/templarian/lists/build2015">list</a> of people to follow and be sure to scroll down to learn about the Build recap events. !<a href="/files/build_2015_9days.png">Build 2015</a> Everyone seems pretty excited to checkout the HoloLens demo myself included. Still vague what we will actually be seeing in the demo, but I think simply seeing the Minecraft demo would hold most over until the release. Would be nice to see some sample 'hello world' apps running. !<a href="/files/build_2015_hololens.png">HoloLens</a> Like the last two years I will be going to the Visual Studio talks and UX talks. This is the year for Microsoft to take their UX more seriously like we've seen from <a href="http://www.google.com/design/">Google</a> as of late. Expecting to see at least one hamburger UX presentation, and will probably discuss the revised iconography that is being introduced in Windows 10 [for Phones] with the Microsoft designers. C Sharp will be a major focus like in the previous years. Will be nice to see how Xamarin and Unity are shown along side the Microsoft developer ecosystem this year. As entitled as it sounds, not having a Lumia 1020 successor is making me want to jump to another platform for their phones. I'm hoping something will be shown off (before the rumored OnePlusTwo release). Every year the best part, next to the great talks, is meeting everyone in the Microsoft developer ecosystem. Almost everyone from twitter that is active in the community will be there again this year (drop in Euro made it difficult for some). For another year in a row I wish Microsoft would stop the gifts and use the ticket prices toward expanding the conference in other ways (better food / more demos / student discounts). Across the world Microsoft will be holding recap <a href="https://build15.com">events</a> of Microsoft Build. The Chicago event especially will be one not to miss. Tim Heuer will be delivering the opening keynote. David Catuhe (Babylon.js), Jerry Nixon, and Jeff Burtoft will also be there presenting. !<a href="/files/build_2015_june10.png">Chicago</a> <a href="https://chicago.build15.com/">Register</a> for Wednesday June 10th if you are in the Chicago area.

Material Design Icons Beta

The Material Design Icons' <a href="http://materialdesignicons.com">site</a> and webfont has gone into beta. Development will continue as normal, but at this point the icon set and features should be production ready. In the beta the goal will be to address bugs as they come in as people start to integrate the icons with their projects. Thanks for all the support during the development. *Note:* There are many icon requests that are being processed. This is not a first come first queue, and it could take a while to process all the icon requests. If an icon is rejected it may still be created and attached to the issue.

Material Design Icons History

This weekend <a href="http://materialdesignicons.com">Material Design Icons</a> got updated with a new <a href="http://materialdesignicons.com/history">history</a> page that will detail all the additions to the pack and various milestones. !<a href="/files/mdi-history-viewer.png">History</a> Most importantly this page will inform users of icon modification in between the webfont releases. Changes to existing icons are represented by a light purple. These entries have a compare button to see a before and after along with a visual overlay of the two icons. Often icon changes are subtle, so the overlay will make these changes much more obvious than a side by side comparison. !<a href="/files/mdi-history-compare.png">Compare</a> One last update a little off topic, the twitter account <a href="https://twitter.com/MaterialIcons">MaterialIcons</a> is now active, so be sure to follow it for updates. !<a href="/files/mdi-twitter-banner.png">twitter</a> Thanks to those that submitted bugs. Please submit any issues you find or icon requests to the <a href="https://github.com/Templarian/MaterialDesign/issues">issue</a> tracker on GitHub.