MDI Light v0.2.63

Around 2 years ago I got the idea of making an alternative to MDI that favored a slightly lighter style with the same consistent design. Unfortunately it always sat second to all of my other open source efforts (mainly MDI).

MDI Light Preview

Now with the effort of the MDI contributor team we're working to make MDI Light a first class icon set! This will mean regular updates and improvements from the community.

The only real difference is that for an icon to exist in MDI Light it must first exist in MDI. The team views this as a way to ensure MDI gets icons first and that we can perfectly map codepoints in the font between the two.


  • npm i @mdi/light-font | NPM | GitHub
  • npm i @mdi/light-svg | NPM GitHub |
  • npm i @mdi/light-js | NPM | GitHub
  • npm i @mdi/react - Same react library works great for MDI Light.


MDI Light is a side project for our team, but over the next year we're going to quickly add icons to ensure it's a great alternative for everyone.

Everything will live under the @mdi organization on NPM.