Update to @mdi/react v1.1.0

Spent this Saturday going through a large backlog of Open Source tasks. One of them is fixing a bug in @mdi/react.

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This library is used by ReactJS developers to quickly render icon path data with a lot of nice helper props.

  • Fixed a bug with horizontal and vertical being ignored.
  • Added support for spin prop that allows a negative value.
    • Negatives values will rotate counterclockwise -X seconds.
    • Positive values rotate clockwise.
    • Still defaults to 2 seconds rotation speed clockwise for true.
  • Fixed a edge case nesting horizontal and spin in a stack. I doubt anyone ran into this since this was also broken by the first bug.
<Icon path={mdiLoading} spin={-2}/>

This component should be considered feature complete now. This means all new code changes will be to optimize the Unit Tests and ensure the outputted markup is as optimized as possible.