Material Design Icons v3.0.39

Material Design Icons released with 145 icons and updated several older icons. The team is very excited to finally have the 3.0 release out only 1 month after the 2.8.94 release.

Our goal was to fix some of the outstanding issues and add a lot of the outline variants of many of the existing icons. This will be a continued goal as we reach 4000 icons.

  • fridge-filled renamed to fridge.
  • fridge renamed to fridge-outline.
  • tooltip-outline-plus renamed to tooltip-plus-outline
  • script was updated will an solid and outline style.
  • eventbrite Updated with latest logo.
  • diamond renamed to diamond-stone
    • Also added diamond and outline as shapes.


Really proud of the teams work to improve the documentation.

View the new Documentation

All of these docs are stored in GitHub and can be edited in markdown. This allows for richer formatting and more specific doc pages for various frameworks.

Website Updates

We're very focused working on the new site. In addtion to adding mere aliases and cleaning up tagging the icons will be getting styles assigned for future searching.

This means for example account-circle-outline will have the styles listed circle and outline. There are a lot of plans to use these new properties to allow more clean searching and tracking of missing icons.

Basically there can be a grid of missing variants for each base icon now for us to work toward filling in, so that each icon has as many style variations as possible. This will allow more consistent UI's going forward.


I tell our core team all the time, but also want to say thanks to all the open source projects that continue to use the icons and the individual developers for all the suggestions and feedback. Especially those that have submitted PR's to the new documentation.