Material Design Icons v2.8.94

Material Design Icons released with 100 icons and updated several older icons.

With the next release being the 3.x.xx we're excited to get through the backlog and continue focus on the website and tooling to empower developers and designers.

  • alpha-a to alpha-z with boxes were added.
  • numeric-0 to numeric-9 were added.
  • uber Updated with latest logo.
  • bullhorn Updated with a cleaner design.
  • google-fit Updated with latest logo.
  • hexagon-slice-5 Glyph oversight fixed.


With this release we've also removed the getting started page from the current site and are linking to the development server.

View the new Documentation

All of these docs are stored in GitHub and can be edited in markdown. This allows for richer formatting and more specific doc pages for various frameworks.