Material Design Icons v2.7.94

Material Design Icons released with 100 new icons and several renames.

  • phone-locked renamed to phone-lock
  • email-secure renamed to email-lock
  • send-secure renamed to send-lock
  • book-secure renamed to book-lock
  • book-unsecure renamed to book-lock-open
  • account-settings-variant replaced with account-details
    • This was removed as we standardized on ... for settings related icons to be inline with the Material Design guidelines.
  • Various bell icons were updated to match the official updates.

Reminder we support several libraries to help developers.

  • @mdi/js All the icons for JavaScript and TypeScript developers
  • @mdi/react React component with full TypeScript support
  • @mdi/font Webfont with all glyphs
  • @mdi/angular-material For use with Angular Material.
  • @mdi/util Helper library for working with NodeJS and @mdi/svg.
  • @mdi/svg Release of all icons in individual SVG files with the sites meta data, like aliases and tags.

Note: The Angular and VueJS components are still under development.

The new site is still under development, but has been slow as summer wraps up. Prioritization on components and icon releases still comes first.