Material Design Icons Webfont Updates

Starting with version 0.7.33-alpha the webfont has been rewritten. This new font generation makes use of the node only compilation possible in the grunt-webfont grunt package. This means that once I release the download link for the webfont safe SVG files any user can compile their own subset of fonts locally.

bower install mdi and view the preview.html or direct download.


Note: The SVG files that can be downloaded by right clicking on an icon in MaterialDesignIcons.com will not work. This is due to optimization steps that convert to SVG only features (most notably the arc ability that cuts down the file size 20 percent). The grunt-webfont generator relies on outside open source packages that do not support this specific command.

Alpha Status: Just a reminder this is all still in alpha. While stable, expect icons to be renamed without notice.

I'll start working on the tutorial today on how to compile subsets of the font yourself. Eventually the site will support this feature also, but requires a bit of coding time.

One last note a new contributor has joined, REjack, so keep the icon requests coming.