Pokémon Slack Emojis

Playing with the new Pokémon Go game this week and realized not everyone knows each of the original 151 that are in the game. To make it easier while discussing the game in Slack I've made a yaml file to quickly install all the emojis into slack.

Slack Pokemon

GitHub.com - Templarian/slack-emoji-pokemon

You can use the command line tool from lambtron/emojipacks to quickly install all emojis at the same time. Emojis can also be installed one-at-a-time from the emojis folder.

Let me know if you find any issues, this was one of those random 11am ideas that I had to code before passing out for the night.

Geeky Details about the Images

The images from the game are scaled by the size of physical Pokémon, which produces some odd widths and heights, so to normalize them I ran the ImageMagick command below. It basically resizes them down only when needed, but never scales them up in a 128 square.

magick convert *.png -background transparent \
                     -gravity center \
                     -resize "128x128>" \
                     -extent 128x128 \
                     -set filename:f "%t" "out\%[filename:f].png"


Obviously all these images are owned by Niantic, Inc. / The Pokemon Company. So with that said this GitHub repo could be deleted at any time.