Welcome to the @MDI Organization

Material Design Icons' growing community has introduced a lot of options for consuming the icons across numerous frameworks. Our goal is not to provide libraries for every framework, but to ensure the large ones are supported through NPM (Node Package Manager) dependencies. To facilitate this effort we've created the NPM Organization @mdi.


What Does this mean?

In the short term we will support both existing packages by publishing to both repositories.

  • @mdi/font = mdi
  • @mdi/svg = mdi-svg

Note: Starting with v2.2.43 users of the mdi package are suggested to start moving to the @mdi/font package. We will wait a few releases before deprecating.

Future Planning

We'll be wrapping and publishing more officially maintained packages for Angular, React, and Polymer. This means we'll be onboarding more open source developers and ensuring each project has multiple contributors and a dedicated Maintainer.

We'll be looking at existing third party open source projects and reaching out if solutions already exist.

Our overarching goal of this is to ensure that all supporting libraries are updated in a timely manner for the community.