Material Design Icons v2.0.46

The v2.0.46 release of Material Design Icons contains 100+ new icons and bringing the total to 2000 icons. It does not contain any breaking changes (other than 2 icon renames).

Download v2.0.46 on the CDN

Third Party Developers

Due to the projects growing usage among developers there have many requests to provide a SVG + meta.json dependency for NPM/Bower. Starting with 2.0.46 this is now possible using mdi-svg.

npm install mdi-svg
bower install mdi-svg

For those not familiar with the meta.json file this contains a snapshot of data from the database for third party developers to use. Over time we'll be writing documentation for others to build the font files.


The top goal for the next release may be simply removing legacy browser support (so IE9+ only).

Adobe XD MDI Extension Idea

Adobe XD is in beta right now and an ideal environment for building high fidelity mockups and prototyping out ideas quickly. Now with the new layers panel added the app is getting closer to becoming a viable tool for end-to-end creation of designs.

Got the chance to talk with someone on the Adobe XD team at Microsoft Build and the future of the application is sounding very promising.

Hopefully shortly we'll see the ability create third party extensions. Of course the first extension I would want to build is for the Material Design Icons pack.

Adobe XD MDI Extension

The extension would basically allow one to quickly incorporate the icons in their design. With Material Design Icons Light variant open sourcing shortly this could fit nicely into wireframes also.


This keeps the extension simple, assuming the user will select colors using the normal color selector.

Ideally once the extension API releases I'll be able to get this coded over a weekend for others to use.

Material Design Icons v1.9.32

For v1.9.32 there have been 96 new icons added. Material Design Icons has grown a lot, not only in icons, but in contributors and users. For this reason we wanted to get as many minor breaking changes into this release as possible before moving into the v2.0.xx release.

The core functionality for webfont users is the same in this release, although roughly 20 icons have been renamed to match the standard naming spec.

Planning has already started for the v2.0.xx release.