Material Design Icons v2.0.46

The v2.0.46 release of Material Design Icons contains 100+ new icons and bringing the total to 2000 icons. It does not contain any breaking changes (other than 2 icon renames).

Download v2.0.46 on the CDN

Third Party Developers

Due to the projects growing usage among developers there have many requests to provide a SVG + meta.json dependency for NPM/Bower. Starting with 2.0.46 this is now possible using mdi-svg.

npm install mdi-svg
bower install mdi-svg

For those not familiar with the meta.json file this contains a snapshot of data from the database for third party developers to use. Over time we'll be writing documentation for others to build the font files.


The top goal for the next release may be simply removing legacy browser support (so IE9+ only).